Thursday, March 17, 2011

Playing Nice

When I attended the Intergenerational Voices break out session at the NARAL-Pro Choice MN Lobby Day, one of the things that came up was the infighting between the old and younger women within the movement. The older ones tend to give more The younger ones tend to show up in larger numbers at rallies. Then one younger gal mentioned that she felt like they were more involved within the media because of blogging and what not.
I was sitting there, laughing in my head, thinking, "And so it begins..." because this is always how it goes when you get a group of women together working on something. The petty jealousy and bickering over stupid stupid shit.
YES, older women give more money. You are OLD. You've had the time and opportunity to make money.  The younger ones have no money because they are in school. Begging them to give up their $5 a month that is probably going to birth control or pizza isn't exactly fair and a stupid lame gripe to have.
YES, younger women turn out in larger numbers for the rallies. They are part of college organizations that PLAN TRIPS for these events. Plus, they have time to go out for events because they have less responsibilities to families or jobs.  
Any contribution should be a welcomed contribution and embraced.  And if you are young and pretty, don't declare how much more media savvy you are because you blog. Yes, you might blog, but have you ever written a press release? But I digress...

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