Sunday, June 26, 2011

Happy Pride weekend, Minnesota!

Most of my family knows that I've been boycotting Target since last fall when it made the papers that they support political canidates with anti-queer stances.  With the passage of putting an amendment on our 2012 ballot on gay-marriage, I'm even more resolute in not supporting any business that would support anyone that is anti-equality for all of its tax paying citizens. 

This is a personal issue for me.  I have a great many friends in the queer community.  Being queer doesn't just mean you are a flaming gay or dyke lesbian.  It encompasses a whole range of leanings.  Do you know where you fall on the Kinsey Scale

Personally, I'm 2, possibly a 3.  Yet, I think the only people that know this about me are my closet friends and my husband.  I have never come out to my family, coworkers, aquaintances... Most know that I'm an atheist, but few know that I'm also just a bit queer.  I don't know if I would ever just "come out" to my family.  I am not sure I see a reason in my particular situation. 

Being queer, just like being an atheist, doesn't mean that I'm suddenly a less moral person than I was before.  I prefer monogomy in my relationships.  My marriage is wonderful and just because I fancy women doesn't mean I'm going to run around town and hurt the person that I love more than anything.  Yet, being just an atheist is a lot more easy for me than being openly bisexual. Irrationally, I feel like it is potentially easier to overlook the no religion more than overlooking sexual identity.  Perhaps I'm wrong.  Yet, I doubt that I will ever find out.   

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